Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reflections on a Light Switch

This morning, as I was going back an forth throughout the house searching for this and that, I found myself in need of the bedroom light switch. I would turn it on, illuminate my surroundings, find my needed item, and return to the other room to resume my work. Over and over I did this, forgetting one thing at a time, until the task became a tedious one to set aside my laptop, walk down the hallway, turn on the much needed bedroom light switch, and find that one item which had been hindering my progress in its absence.

At one point, I peered around the familiar room trying to turn on the switch without actually watching where it was relative to my searching fingers. I simultaneously searched the nearby area intently while feeling up and down the edge of the switch, anticipating that magic touch that would suddenly awaken the bulbs ahead and allow me to see what I needed to see.

Almost a minute passed before I gave up this pitiful task of multitasking and *looked* in the direction of the switch and the blind, helpless fingers feeling for it. I was less than half an inch away from light, yet without the intentional turning of my head I may have been in the dark for an indeterminate amount of time.

It made me think: How often do I take a situation into my own hands, not focusing my attention on God, thinking I can achieve the goal on my own? How helpless I am without the light of God's mercy! As much as I tried, I could not find Him haphazardly. I had to surrender, to stop everything and focus myself completely on God and then *click* the path before me became clear.

People say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Hopefully God will allow me to recover from my blindness and rest more wholly in Him.

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