Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Year

On the 25th of April we celebrated one year in Kenya. Here's what I learned so far:

You can easily wear an outfit two days in a row. No social stigma with that.

Having pets is an outrageous luxury.

Cars have the right of way. If you're trying to cross the street, it's better to go in a group of people than going solo.

Some people work harder than I ever will and earn less than I ever will. Being American is like winning the lottery in most people's eyes.

People would rather barter than pay a fixed price at a store. Most places have no indication of price or value on their wares until you ask.

Beauty is as important as the rest of the necessities. Even if you don't have enough money to buy nice things, you should at least indulge in that $3 pedicure or $5 hair extensions.

Being white means you deserve to get stared at. Children especially find white people strange.... like seeing Santa Claus out of season.

Eating with your hands is an art.

People like to watch accidents and fights. Actually, they prefer the front row.

Bananas with cooked meat and rice make for a delicious meal. Especially when all three are mixed together in one bite.

The mixture of dust, dirt, and water makes for the thickest mud you've ever seen.

A men holding hands with other men (and women holding hands with other women) is way more socially appropriate than a man holding a woman's hand.

Spending time with people is way more important than spending time alone in your house with your stuff.

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